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TRIYANA EDUCATION AND CONSULTANCY is the one-stop solution for all your international education needs.Our main activity lies in helping students to make the best choice with regard to pursuing education in overseas educational institutions. Provides accurate information regarding higher education in various countries such as Australia, New Zealand and other countries. TRIYANA EDUCATION AND CONSULTANCY, a pioneer in the field of International Education, has brought the concept of overseas education to the hand of every student. Our excellent service association with leading institutions worldwide and impeccable reputation helps us to deliver top-quality education services.


In addition to professional academic and career counselling, TRIYANA EDUCATION AND CONSULTANCY also offers various students quality services such as course and university selection, streamlined application process guidance and assistance, admission assistance, visa guidance, accommodation assistance, test prep for IELTS, TOEFL, PTE. We also provide travel assistance, foreign exchange assistance, medical and travel insurance and comprehensive pre-departure guidance. Currently, TRIYANA EDUCATION AND CONSULTANCY represents an extensive portfolio of reputed international institutions works closely with several organisations, high commissions education bodies. TRIYANA EDUCATION AND CONSULTANCY is Sri Lanka’s reputed Overseas Education Consultancy and has helped many students achieve their dreams. The team of professionals at TRIYANA EDUCATION AND CONSULTANCY are well experienced and educated across various sectors in international education. Despite students/parents knowing what they wish to study and where they are usually available, our professional services ensure quality and hassle-free application process, thus allowing them to focus on their academics.The novel idea to help students with their university applications was brought to life by Jeewan Basnayaka and Randika Fernando pulle, who are living in Australia for more than ten years. Having personally endured the gruesome task of making an application, they realised the need for a trusted hand for students. Since the organisation stems from the idea of personal experience, students associating themselves with TRIYANA EDUCATION AND CONSULTANCY can rest assured that we have your best interests in our hearts. Our comprehensive team in Australia and Sri Lanka enables us to cater to every student. TRIYANA EDUCATION AND CONSULTANCY has managed to bring the concept of overseas education to each student’s doorstep and has ensured that every student receives the opportunity to achieve their dreams. Professionalism, integrity and ethics are woven into the very fabric of our organisation.




The mission of Triyana Education and Consultancy is to help thousands of students realize their dream of attending college by helping them find the best choice and ensure a quality and hassle-free application process, thus allowing them to focus on their academics. Triyana Education and Consultancy will aim to maintain 100% customer satisfaction for all clients.




The management team of Triyana Education and Consultancy are well-educated and qualified professionals possessing rich experience in overseas education. The partners have studied, worked, and living in Australia and undergone specialized training at various universities in Australia. This knowledge and expertise have been systematically and successfully applied to its team of academic advisors. The leadership team is passionate about helping students establishing successful careers and leaves no stone unturned to ensure excellent results.





Educational Advisors


Triyana Education and Consultancy's passionate team is the backbone of the organization. It is composed of energetic consultants who have extensive professional experience in advising students on various study options abroad, keeping academic profiles and needs. Team members empathize with students' needs and fulfill their commitments to students. Our counselors are experts who provide advice on any issues related to international education and visa assistance and are experts who professionally guide students to choose the right course at the ideal institution. Our consultants are bound by strict ethics and a set of values, which are not static but are rooted in the organizational structure. Triyana Education and Consultancy's meticulous internal training program and industry certification process ensure that all our consultants pass industry benchmarks before starting to provide advice. They streamlined the process, helped students and parents navigate the maze of information overload, and helped choose appropriate courses to achieve student-set goals.